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First decentralized marketing platform that allows services of fast and secure transaction through QTCC coin

About QTCC


QTCC is built on the Binance smart chain. Which aims to create a decentralised currency platform where users can transfer money using our currency. Our working protocol Binance Smart Chain P2P has assisted us in developing a network of widely used payment channels as options for your P2P transactions, allowing our users to transfer money around the world quickly and without fear of disruptions, reimbursements, or processing issues.

The block time is the average time it takes for the network to generate one extra block in the blockchain.[21] Some blockchains create a new block as frequently as every five seconds.



It's essential to work with suppliers who have experience in the blockchain space and understand the unique requirements of token issuance. This includes factors like security, transparency, and compliance with regulatory standards. Regular monitoring and evaluation of supplier performance can also help ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the QTCC token issuance.


Partnerships can be a valuable way to increase the visibility and adoption of the QTCC token. These partnerships could help increase the usability and demand for the token, which could drive its value up over time. It's important to carefully consider potential partnerships and ensure they align with the goals and vision of the QTCC token.


With Solidity, you can define the characteristics of your token, such as its name, symbol, and the number of tokens in circulation. Additionally, Solidity is a highly optimized language that allows you to write efficient and gas-friendly smart contracts, which can result in lower transaction fees for QTCC token.

The QTCC Token


Our mission is to provide our investors with the best instant money transfer service anywhere in the world, allowing them to receive money from loved ones anywhere in the world. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, you can get information quickly, especially in an emergency, which will reduce your overall stress level. When you require money quickly, a QTCC allows you to get it as soon as possible.


Our major advancement is to provide our investors with a much safer environment while maintaining their confidentiality and to benefit them with easy money transfers to any destination in the world in the shortest time possible. We also intend to issue credit cards to our investors in the future to make it easier to receive and send money around the world.

The QTCC Projects


Now you can rent an appartment or a room with QTCC COIN while paying in QTCC COIN you can get manay advantages such as good disscounted rates and stuff and you can also join our promotional offers with QTCC COIN

Renting with QTCC COIN will give u a passive income as our algorithm gives back the good percentage of amount invested in QTCC COIN. We know how to take good care of our customers.


Now you can also buy and sell properties with QTCC COIN all around the world, our latest secure algorithms helps our trusted user to pay it securely and the main reason to do big transactions with QTCC COIN is that it is fully decentralized.


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  • 2020

    QTCC Team Started Developing The Project

  • 2021

    Gathered The Community of 10,000 People. First 10,000 Holders.

  • 2022

    January QTCC Coin Getting Listed On Coingecko

  • 2023

    March QTCC COIN GETTING LISTED ON Coin Market Cap.

  • 2025

    Launching Own Blockchain QTCC.

Decentralized Platform And Smart Contract

It allows investors to deal directly with one another rather than operating from within a centralized exchange

In a decentralized market, technology allows investors to deal directly with one another rather than operating from within a centralized exchange, where our investors will deal directly with one another with no intermediary. We believe that decentralised markets can reduce hackers because there is no single data resource into which they can try to infiltrate. Smart contracts will enable dependable transactions to be carried out without the involvement of third parties.

By maintaining a high processing speed, smart contract execution can result in the exchange of money and the delivery of services. It also supports automated transactions, which eliminate the possibility of human error and ensure contract execution accuracy.


Core Team Member




Dr. Wesam Zine is PHD in Economics, having vast knowledge over envolving economy after watching the situation of current market affairs he launched his own crypto currency so that he may help world to solve critical problems, he is having a vast and clear vision towards his goals to make the best decentralized system.

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